My Free Domain Name Adventure

13 08 2008

Ok lets get one thing straight from the off I am not and never will be a blogger that wants to advertise things about the internet but this afternoon I was sitting in my apartment trying to decide what to eat (fridge is empty so decided on nothing) and I was thinking that I would really like a .com domain, but after checking my bank accounts (the English and the Spanish) and realising that I have absolutely nada in either of them I hit google in the hope that I could find one for free – I mean the internet is full of free this, free that ads nowadays and every now and then you do find what you are looking for, right?


Hmm, two hours and approx. 4000000 webpages later I am still no closer.  The search came up with loads of results but when you actually enter the sites there are always stipulations – awww the beauty of small print I hear you say – scams, pay per click ads, .tk addresses that use a backlink, addresses that are actually a sub domain, pay for your domain name but get free hosting sites that seem a little confusing to the eternally muddled amateur me…


Then there are the blogs that I was referring to above, the ones that have entries such as ’21 ways to get your blog on the google frontpage’ or ‘how to get free domains’ and trust me kids – these are about as much use as a chocolate teacup or as they say here in Spain ‘No sirve para nada’ (basically translates as ‘its useless!’) which is why I decided to write about my little domain seeking adventure, so maybe at least one person can read the truth.  


So, being me, I head over to a great forum where you ask anything you want, give people answers and earn a few US dollars for doing so.  It reminds me a little bit of yahoo answers except that at you actually get paid for finding out things that you want to know and giving others advice and, well, in general, just talking about anything you want.  


I post a discussion at  asking if anyone knows if its possible to get a free domain name and what seems like minutes I get a reply directing me to so I head over there and fill in the form that promises to give me a free website, within minutes I get a email from them telling me they will contact me shortly – which leaves me despondent straight away as I am very much an everything yesterday girl … in my mean time I head back over to my empty fridge!  (Don’t ya just hate waiting!!)


So I go and visit the site of the person who referred me over there from  and I notice that this site has ads everywhere – which I dislike – and I also notice that there are a lot of what I see as nerdy type posts, how to cheat at games, links to other make money blogs etc etc.  Straight away I am thinking that this was a silly idea and that I have once again gone above my head!  Then I go back to and start reading more about it, turns out that their stipulations go something like this:


You will have to place two of their ads on your very first post, one on top and other at bottom of the post, then you will need to place their link ad at the bottom of each page. And another condition is that you need to bring 100 hits/day or at least 15 post/month.


Now, a 100 hits a day for any new project on the web is not going to be easy, but as a blogger (and one that loves to chat about anything and everything!) I am pretty sure that 15 posts a month is not going to be at all difficult.  


But the one thing I am apprehensive about is if are going to want me to already have a successful blog?  As this one is still a project in the making and hasn’t been going all that long…


I’ll let you know the rest as the story unfolds!



2 responses

7 09 2008

Wow, what a small world! I´ve just started looking for a free .com domain. Like yourself, with my Spanish and English bank accounts sadly depleted, I was ready to trawl the net for hours (me being stubborn) and, luckily, came across you post in Google (great positioning, by the way). I won´t waste my time then.

What I will do is have a look at instead.

Ta very much!

3 02 2009

i think its stupid look for a free domain, but i got one free!!!! there’s a web page that gives away a bunch of ugly domains (like,,, etc.) they e mail you a list of hundreds and hundreds of links, then you choose one and send them an e mail, they visit your web page and they show you where do you have to put their ad’s and propaganda that is not bad at all (is not spam) if you don’t put their ad’s they took away your domain. my domain was but they kicked me out because i took away the ad’s like 5 months after they gave me the domain!!!! im happy anyways because i really found a site that really give FREE DOMAINS, it only took me like 2 days to get it, i never tough that you can really get a free domain i’m impressed haha because i had all the control in the propaganda OMG why i took the ad’s away im an idiot……the domains they give are forever but they always are checking if the stupid ad’s still there.

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