In my life I have two obsessions…

14 08 2008

In my life I have two obsessions…

One is the late and great Audrey Hepburn, the woman who with her elfin features and graceful elegance enchanted the whole world every time she appeared on the silver screen. I adore her, my apartment is a shrine in the making…ok so that’s an exaggeration, I have a print above my bed, a cushion hanging on my headboard and a picture box where I keep my bracelets and a mug in my kitchen. But the collection will grow. And I have something more, I have her films.

When I am feeling like everything in my world (which is quite a lot) is going wrong, and I feel alone, ugly, afraid, lost I tune into one of her movies and imagine I am here for just a little bit. She lights up the room, she proves that you don’t have to be a blonde sex siren to turn heads, her cute kooky characters, her amazing wardrobe selections, her sweet little voice. I want to be her or I mean I want to be just like her!

My other obsession is with Frenchmen, or I should say one particular Frenchman who has brought me to my knees without so much as a hi or bye. In fact this man has turned me into an obsessive French wife wannbe, not only of his glorious self but of the whole culture. I mean really how can anyone not find that language with all its Je’s and Ja’s sexy, I can pretty much turn to mush just by overhearing a conversation in French! I guess the next steps would be to actually learn to speak/understand the language…and well, to get this amazing man to actually look in my direction!



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