“La Playa” by La Oreja de Van Gogh

14 08 2008

I was sitting bleary-eyed in a café on the other side of town from my home in Southern Spain, it was early morning and apart from me the café was filled with working men, drinking coffee with ice and laughing amongst themselves.

I sat, the lone women, trying to gear myself up for my Spanish lesson, wishing I could fast forward a year down the line so I could at least follow half the conversation going on … thinking that I would never learn the language to the extent that I would feel comfortable even trying to use it.

There was also a man of my mind, a Madrid boy visiting for his holidays ‘Carlos Fernando’ with his chocolate eyes and easy smile, whom I had had to say goodbye to the night before.

On the TV in the corner the Spanish music station was playing, and all of a sudden I heard the most beautiful intro music and then haunting lyrics filled my mind. Even without understanding I knew from the way the song touched me inside that this translated to something I could emphasise with.

That afternoon I headed home and downloaded the track, since then it has been my most played. And even though, I can still not appreciate the lyrics fully in Spanish, I have translated enough (through the net and my friends) to know that just as I thought back then, I was right – this song is hauntingly beautiful and I can emphasise with the lyrics on such a deep level.


No sé si aún me recuerdas
nos conocimos al tiempo
tú, el mar y el cielo
y quien me trajo a ti

I do not know if you still remember me,
We met on time
You, the sea and the sky
And the one who brought me to you.

Abrazaste mis abrazos,
vigilando aquel momento
aunque fuera el primero
y lo guardara para mí.

You embraced my hugs
Keeping watch on that moment,
Though it was the first,
And (though) I kept it for myself.

Si pudiera volver a nacer
te vería cada día amanecer
sonriendo como cada vez,
como aquella vez (Previo)

If I could be born again
I would see you rise (wake up) every day
Smiling like every time,
Like that time

Te voy a escribir la canción más bonita del mundo.
Voy a capturar nuestra historia en tan sólo un segundo;
y un día verás que este loco de poco se olvida
por mucho que pasen los años de largo en su vida. (Estribillo)

I am going to write you the most beautiful song in the world,
I am going to capture our story in just one second.
And one day you will see that this crazy forgets very little,
For all that the years pass in his long life.

El día de la despedida
de esta playa de mi vida
te hice una promesa:
volverte a ver así.

The day of the farewell
Of this beach of my life
I made a promise to you:
Once again to see you like this.

Más de 50 veranos
hace hoy que no nos vemos
ni tú, ni el mar ni el cielo
ni quién me trajo a ti.

More than fifty summers
It has been today without us meeting
Not you, nor the sea nor the sky
Nor who brought me to you.




10 responses

4 11 2008

This song takes me away every time I hear it, magical elements seem to possess it or I? I first heard it back in 2001 or a bit before. It still gives me the same feeling every time I hear it.
I takes me away………..

5 11 2008

I completely agree Roy it still has that same affect on me .. and from the facts that my blog stats say this is one of my searched and looked on entries I think we’re not alone!

You are the first to comment (thank you) but not the first to seek this out!

We must have magical taste in music 😉

23 02 2009
Jenn Sayson

I love this band.. and this touches my heart.. brought me precious memories

16 03 2009
Dave Lucas' Notes

La Oreja de Van Gogh…

The other day I sent out a Tweet indicating I was listening to La Oreja de Van Gogh. That prompted may inquiries, so I invite you to share this musical experience!…

31 03 2009

this song is dum. people who like it r dum. listen to the first part of the song “come go with me” it goes like: dum dum dum dum dum… doobie doobie. dum dum dum dum dum- tahts what ur song sounds like

1 05 2009

this song is good but I prefer Jueves and Rosas, also by La Oreja de Van Gogh.

Jueves is such a powerfully emotional song about the bombing of the train station in Madrid on Thursday the 11th, Mar. 2004.

Thanks for sharing La Playa, y disfruta su tiempo en Espana.

16 06 2009

girl i am in love with just sent me this song, though i do not know spanish to well, it is beautiful. i must ring her before i lose her………………….

29 09 2010

I am like you with this song. My love married another though we spent all summer last year en las playas de Florida… If we ever get to be together again it will be mas de 50 veranos… probablemente y no hay nada que puedo hacer. Pero ella verá que este loco de poco se olvida…

15 11 2012

same her Ian…im married and I found my first love again after 25 years…I we ever be together…it will be after 50 summers also…

2 09 2014

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enormous piece of writing at here.

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