Dreaming about Teeth

26 08 2008

Lately I have had a recurring dream, in it my teeth start to fall out in small pieces and I am left with broken teeth, my mouth resembling what I perceive to be like a Victorian fictional witches.


After a particular heavy drinking night last night I woke up this morning at half four with what I call the red bull alertness (I don’t actually drink red bull but it reminds me of the days when I used to think red bull was a good mixer with vodka …) which means that half of me feels like death and wants to sleep and the other half is wide eyed and eerily alert.  I decide not to lie in bed and wish for sleep but to head straight to the internet and look up the meaning of this dream.


It seems that my dream is foretelling a bad time for me, various meanings seem to say that either my own business or health is going to be poor, or the sickness of someone close to me.  The thought of this feels me with dread.


But I am choosing not to take that meaning, instead I found a meaning that stated this:


Dreaming of teeth falling out may represent insecurity. These dreams often occur at a time of transition between one phase of life and another. When we lost our milk teeth, we also gradually lost our childhood innocence. Loosing your teeth therefore show that today you have similar feelings of uncertainty and self-consciousness as you did in childhood. The dream could also highlight your worries about getting older or your sexual attractiveness.


This would make sense with the way my life has been going lately, I am going through a phase now that I know will make or break the way I live my life in future years.  The last two months have been spent looking at the women in the mirror and questioning not why she is like she is so much, but how to make a change for a happier way of life.


And yes, it has left me insecure, there is nothing like facing who you are, admitting to your own flaws and agreeing on what needs changing to make you feel pretty lost and insecure in yourself.


Childhood innocence is not something I ever had, my childhood can only be described as difficult and different, but what I did have was the ability to make myself believe that I wasn’t in the wrong, now, after many years of blaming others for my struggles, tilting the blame on whoever bore the brunt of my moods … that’s gone now, I looked at the woman in the mirror with the black eyes and the trail of destruction and placed the blame firmly at her door.


So maybe dreaming about losing my teeth is a sign that I am really beginning a new phase of my life that my transition from the difficult young women I have been is underway. 




One response

21 11 2008
Carole York

I too have had those dreams and had another one last night. It made me anxious too, but having read the bit about transitions and such I feel alot more positive. It ties in with what’s happening in my life at the moment. Thanks for that!!

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