Will he even remember my face?

28 08 2008



In the movies this would be the start of a seducing time, he would pursue me, seek me out, turn up where he knows I will be.


But this is life, not a Meg Ryan film. 


So I wonder if he will even think about me again. 


He is probably married.  




One response

28 08 2008

Fantasy vrs reality, such a harsh contrast, if only life could be like the films! But then again why could it not!
Funny thing about this whole romance…seduction…getting to know someone new..Its like a whole lot of game playing, ups and downs, what does he think, what does she think? Trying to gauge from the other and protect the self againts rejection! Have you ever read “Essays in Love” (Sorry can not remember who its by) It sounds cheesy, but serious it is not, an excellent read that highlights the game playing and stages. Personally I can never be bothered with all of that…If we just open our mouths and talk…say what we think and feel, open and honest the element of doubt is gone, time is not wasted, life would be so much easier!

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