30 08 2008

Recently I have discovered guided hypnosis tapes (well Limewire downloads) and have become somewhat addicted to them. I can’t say if they are working, but I can vouch for the fact that after listening to them I feel calmer and more ready to face the world, more in-touch with life. I am listening to them most nights before I sleep and sometimes in the afternoon before I head out to work.

This has led me to think that I might take up meditation, I have always been a meditative person in that I can sit and think in complete stillness for hours – my own company is always joyful and serene, but never before have I explored my sub-conscious mind as I have been lately.

I don’t really know where to start with meditation, I do a lot of it is to do with breathing and that’s where I think I might find difficulty, as a heavy smoker and someone who has suffered panic attacks my breathing is not something I have ever been able to control. So being me, I google it and find a very simple ‘counting elephants’ theory:

· Breathe in slowly saying to yourself: “One elephant, two elephant, three elephant…”
· Then let the breath out slowly to six: “four elephant, five elephant…”

Which I have been walking around my apartment for the last half an hour practicing, I also tried some posture control exercises from a yoga download I had, which works on the fact that having good posture makes breathing easier. It seems to work (my back also feels great and aligned right now!)
So now, I think I am going to keep practicing these breathing exercises and then in a few days try this meditation malarkey. Maybe it will help me in my quest for calmness.
Anybody got an ideas where to start?




One response

31 08 2008

Ah, hello. I have some meditation ideas.

I hope you don’t mind a stranger’s thoughts. I am curious how other people are experiencing meditation and looked it up on google, and this post turned up.

Currently, my perception is that meditation is about trying to maintain continuous awareness of body or mind feelings, and sometimes sitting down to be aware of the breath. It is all about developing mindfulness and equanimity. I find U Tejaniya’s “What is the right attitude for meditation?” page to be inspiring yet down to earth, and practical.

Just my thought. You have an interesting journal. I appreciate honesty from people, know what I mean? S

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