Sensuality Questioning

30 08 2008

I am questioning my sensuality. Simply because it seems that the young one (as he is now christened) doesn’t want to come back for seconds. Not that I have asked. It’s just that he is being so normal. So bloody, freakingly normal. Not even a raised eyebrow or hint in sight. It’s like we have gone back to just being people who know each other because they know the same person.

He came into my work tonight – – I should mention here that the reason I know him is because he is workmates friend and now housemate – to see our mutual friend, he stood at the bar chatted to me about nothing at all really, general work stuff while he waited for our mutual friend to finish what he was doing so he could talk to him, and then left.

I’m pretty sure that I picked up our mutual friend tell another co-worker that he was off to see a German girl, which didn’t make me jealous, just a little bit disheartened that he really isn’t coming back for more.

Surely, I keep telling myself, that he should want too? Maybe I really have lost my talent for sex.

Maybe, I was kidding myself all along and never actually had it.

I’m so glad that I don’t have a phone number for him. I would probably end up doing some drunk dialing to try and find out exactly what he is thinking.

It’s stupid really, I had no intention or inclination to take this any further, I just don’t like the fact that I don’t even have the chance to do so even if I wanted.

A 21 year old has had one up on me, I wonder why strangely, that makes me smile.




One response

19 10 2008
wise girl

Hi there,
Your blog made me sad, I’ve been where you have.
The secret to men is this: deep down they believe that a woman who has sex with them very soon is:
a. easy with all men
b. not very happy with, nor confident in, who she is.

Keeping a man interested has nothing to do with your talent for making love. It has everything to do with making him slowly like you for who you are, them getting him to beg for more.

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