8 09 2008

There are quite a few things I don’t know the answer to about myself, for example why I have such old looking skin, why I tend to always cause an argument even when I am not trying to be argumentative, why languages are not my forte and why I like to sit around in nothing but comfy briefs.

There’s more.

But right now I just want to know why I feel so god damn ugly. Ugly, old looking and completely not sexy.




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8 09 2008
Duma Key

Beauty lays deep with in, from your blog you shine, we are often our own worst critics and miss all that is good about us. When we look into a mirror we see somthing else that looks back. You have a depth and style that is unique, I read your blog and I read your comments on my posts and see the light that shines with in you. Life has been tough, you walked a path like my own, and that is not easy, vines stem deep from childhoods past and sting deep into later years. Yet still you bloom, though you prehapes fear to let that show.
We all have days like this….! But tomorrow is another day!

9 09 2008
Duma Key

Murcia is where I always fly into, I travel often to Spain staying in a village about 20 Minutes drive from there. The Mar Menor is one of my favorate places!
We can never run from ourselves, and I guess there comes a point where we need to stop running!
As for your dating advert lol! What about deep, intellgent, warm??? Like I said we are often our own worst critics, much shows through in your writing, and your thoughts. Try looking at things from the other side, hidden depth!

15 09 2008

Probably something stressing you out 🙂

15 09 2008

Oh and, I agree with Dumakey. We are our own worst critics. So have a cup of smiles, you might have missed some sparkling, little joys on the sideroads.

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