Alanis Morissette

15 09 2008

The first time I heard this lady I was 16 years old, her album Jagged Little Pill was becoming a cult hit and everyone everywhere was either questioning her asking why she hated men and life, or thinking she was the greatest female singer to come along in a long time.

Some people got it, some people didn’t. I thought she was a crusading feminist who by putting her emotions, her heartache, her anger out there in record made us stand up and take notice. She was real. Her reality was the reality that many of my generation shared. She was speaking for us.

I have kept up with her music since then, and why none of her albums have matched the success of Jagged Little Pill in commercial status I must admit that I have found myself sharing in her journey, from the love and life based emotional journey on Jagged Little Pill to the hippy, serene, self-finding journey she went on in Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie to the demanding all-female view of relationships past and present in Under Rug Swept, when she released So-Called Chaos and the media went into overdrive stating that she had ‘sold out’ for commercial success I still got it, to me she did not sell out at all, but after meeting her Ryan Reynolds and settling down she was more relaxed, more prone to happiness than in her earlier unsettled days, and this was reflected in her album. Her latest offering Flavors of Entanglement reminds me a journey back into the past to embrace the future.

But there is more to this Canadian lady than her music, she has a quirky beauty that I find captivating, her honesty is renowned she has even expressed that sometimes by not telling the truth she feels she is lying. If you search you tube you can find various videos of her doing spoofs in which she shows her off the wall sense of humour. Her deepness and outlook on life is refreshing in a world so full of plastic celebrities. She has both sung and spoken openly about her battle with her body image and her own eating disorders.

She has lived in a world where she has experimented with spirituality, homosexuality, soft drugs and some pretty destructive relationships. She is real, she has searched for herself, lost herself and found herself.

This lady is nothing short of amazing.

My featured song for her here is ‘Mary Jane’ taken from the album Jagged Little Pill, this is dedicated to Dumakey as he continues to ride his roller coaster!

and the second song I want you to listen too is Not As We from So Called Chaos … listen to the lyrics of this song, if they are not clear look them up.




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15 09 2008
Duma Key

An inspiring story, One of the great things about art, by taking life and placing it with in art, be it words, music, painting etc we can create great works of art. Through our suffering we are able to find hidden beauty if we search hard enough and are able to create master pieces, I guess you only have to flick back through the pages of history to see this.
I will check out the songs later when I can listen undisturbed by life.
One way or another we are all on this rollercoaster ride, though the beat and the tempo are strong now, trying to find something to hold onto some part of who we are.

15 09 2008

Even from a guys perspective I’ve always had an appriciation for her music and the brutal honesty it conveys.

16 09 2008

Hey this is a great post–way to sum up her albums, too. I was 16 when JLP came out, and even after she became “uncool,” I’ve always kept up with her music and tried to see her concerts when she comes to town (which is rare, I live in Nashville, Tenn.).

Thanks for this!

4 08 2009

she is a geminiian force to be reckoned with. i love the song, “u r” from “supposed infatuation junkie. it’s a gorgeous song an older man (most likely her producer) “you oughta know” and “i’m not the doctor” are songs i sing regularly over the phone with my best friend in virginia. thanks for this tribute.

4 08 2009

i meant to say that “UR” is about how alanis was taken advantage of this older man (most likely her producer – as her songs are largely autobiographical) and, in reality, she is not as naive as he thinks. i think her songs are a lot about being under estimated and having a strong sense of self worth. thanks again! f.g.

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