Secret Eating Habits

15 09 2008

I am officially not restaurant date material. How do I know this? Why is this? Well let me start by saying I blame my Mum.

You see when I was younger meals were a big thing in our family, every day at three o’clock sharp we all sat down to have dinner together, come rain or shine, hell or high water you was expected to be at that table, knife in hand ready to battle with family conversation.

That was until I started working, you see, the rest of collective families stomachs wouldn’t hold out until I had finished, 3 o’clock dinners had become more than a way of life, they were a necessity in my families day to day functioning. So I was thrown out of the 3 o’clock club and banished to eating alone.

So it went on for years. When I still lived at home with my parents I ate alone everynight, not being one to watch TV my only dinner companion was either a book/magazine and as I got older and moved out, lived alone, my solitary eating habit intensified.

I never took a lot of notice of the habits that eating alone brought with it until today, when, as normal I sat down to my meal for one with a book resting on the table my left hand holding the book down, fork in my right hand ready to aim and I looked down at my plate and realised that without noticing I had become (sometime over the years) someone who should never be allowed to eat in public.

You see, when your left hand is taken up a book and right hand by the fork you have no free hands to hold a knife, so at some point without noticing I have started cutting my food up before I start eating it so my plate resembles something that looks like baby food!

Bet you can’t wait to come on a dinner date with me!




5 responses

15 09 2008

Lol! Although your mushed up food isn’t necessarily the most palatable of sights, I don’t think it means that you are not dinner date material. Trust me, I have seen worse. I was out with my family a couple of years ago and was seated facing a couple who were obviously on their first date. The girl, although beautifully dressed and groomed, was eating like a pig. The poor guy was having a hard time no laughing (I could see it in his eyes). When she got up to go the the bathroom, his eyes caught mine and we both burst out laughing! I do hope he got over her eating habits enough to get to know her, she did seem sweet!

15 09 2008

it could be worse….the first time i met the future parnents in law at a restaurant I somehow managed to catapult a whole bowl of musles in cream sauce across the table and all over the mother in law……she was so shocked she knocked over her broom stick!

15 09 2008
Duma Key

Its funny how childhod eating habits stem over into adult life. As a child meal times were always feared, the “Mother” women hated cooking and would create a fuss, best avoided, I learnt to eat with speed, as what was given could be taken just as fast. Now food is a chore I try to avoid, its only recent years that I have actually been able to eat in public, but am still funny when it comes to food, a simple comment and I loose my need to eat!
I was laughing this morning about food, I would be happy if I could just pop a pill, and not actually have to eat!
Your eating habits and by far much better than my own.
My little gem of thought for this eve is any date that worrys more about how you eat than about who you are is probably best left at the dinner table!!!

16 09 2008

Ha ha ha ha @ reallifedilbert’s story! Well at least it ended well, since you got married 🙂

13 10 2008

I grew up in a family whose parents worked shift hours so I was eating alone from a young age. One habbit I can’t kick is eating on the floor. If I’m watching TV or DVD with girlfriend/family I’ll always eat from the floor. I’ve never mastered eating from the lap.

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