National We-Heart-Kitchen-Roll Day!

16 09 2008

There are something’s in life that you take for granted, that you use everyday and never realise just how wonderful they are. Today I want to pay homage to the unappreciated wonders of Kitchen Roll!

Its just sits there in its holder on your work tops, largely unnoticed, used for so much but never paid tribute too. Bet you never stopped to think that this wonderful creation has been around since 1931 without anyone showing their gratitude. Ungrateful world we live in.

I think its about time we showed it some kudos, no? Just for a minute sit there and think about how much you use it for.

v Want to clean glass or mirrors without smudges? Kitchen roll is your tool.
v Wiping down your sides? Reach for the kitchen roll.
v Need paper napkins? Kitchen roll has multi uses.
v Drying fruit? Kitchen roll will do!
v Dropped something that you don’t want to touch? Kitchen roll can be used as a glove!
v Mouths/hands need wiping (children, old people, husbands)? Kitchen roll to the rescue.
v Need to soak some of the fat off chips/sausages? Reach for the holder!
v Want to blow your nose? Come on now, you know its thicker and nicer than toilet roll!
v Cooking? Want to put the spoon covered in sauce down? kitchen roll can be used as a placer.
v Cook bacon in the microwave? Only on kitchen roll darlings.
v Make up smudges? Feels nice against your skin ladies!

I am sure there are a thousand more uses for it?

Kitchen roll has it all – more hygienic then conventional towels, disposable, cheapness … I know someone is going to remind me of environmental issues, but sorry guys and gals today I am not listening, I have officially christened today as national we-heart-kitchen-roll day!

There is also one more use for it guys … though I don’t recommend this as it doesn’t dissolve like the conventional use-for-this-reason paper, but if you’ve run out of loo roll it makes a good stand-in, far better than the alternative anyway!



One response

13 10 2008

Don’t think I’ve ever used kitchen roll as a loo roll replacement. I mean how far is your kitchen from your bathroom. Thats some gutsy you have there to make that run with your pants down. 😀

As it’s getting close to Halloween, Kitchen Roll is good for ran-out-of-ideas-last-minute-Mummy.

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