Belly-Dancing Blues

20 09 2008

I have a long list of things I really ought to be doing.

There is an ironing pile in my bedroom that has been growing for over a month. At the moment its impossible for me to actually look in my wardrobe and see anything ready to wear except a belly-dancing fancy dress costume that I bought last year for a birthday party.

I had this rather weird notion today that it would be amusing if I put on said costume and wore it throughout the day, from when I went to take my coffee this morning, to going food shopping and then on to work (only 12 days left … finding another job is also on that ever growing list!).

It would be interesting to see how people viewed me as I went about my daily business dressed as a cross between a Moroccan belly dancer and a whore (the costume wasn’t supposed to be that authentic!), especially if I made a point of keeping a straight face and acting confused when people asked me why I was wearing such an outfit.

I could always act even dumber and pretend I thought that belly-dancing costumes were this seasons new black.



4 responses

22 09 2008
Duma Key

lol I have often thought about doing something crazy like that myself…really just to test the self imposed rules of acceptance. Probably would never do, but think this need sort of stems from my rejection of stupid social rules!

22 09 2008

Maybe you will be a trend setter.

28 09 2008

I dare you

13 10 2008

I’ve found that a few tourists in my town by some weird jingly bell skirts, not far from teh look of a belly dancing outfit, so some people have already gone for this look.
(I didn’t like…too much noise)

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