Always Moving

27 09 2008

I guess I should be singing that my bags are packed and I am ready to go – but I am not, nor are they yet packed.

I know I should be delighting in this turn of events, a new adventure, a new reinvention but this time as I say goodbye to not only the people I have met, but the sights and sounds that have become so familiar to me over the last 17 months I find that I am melancholy, the gypsy in me is raring to go. Longing to see new places, new lights, but the person in me that just wants to be settled and complete is sad because once again I find that I found a lot here … but still I never found myself! Never found somewhere that I can truly call home.

Next step looks like it will be Malaga, I finish work on Tuesday and then I am free to leave. I won’t be able to leave things too long as I have no money.

Broke, lost, confused, yet accepting … here I go again!




2 responses

28 09 2008

I wish you well. Let us all know when you arrive.

13 10 2008

Good luck in Malaga.

Have you been to Malaga before. I haven’t seen that much off it except to and from airport and a shopping day there, I’d very much like to go there for a break–although it’s a bit wierd going to somewhere for a mini holiday when you live an hour’s bus drive away.

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