This Seasons Man?

13 10 2008

You know every couple of months (Ok I am lying make that weeks … days even) I change what kind of man I want, city-boy, rich- boy, gypsy-boy, earthy-boy, work-with-his-hands boy, I dribbled over the idea of a hippy-boy until I met current squeeze.

Now being jobless and really needing either work or free money my imagination is soaring to bar-owning boy or to the other extreme gangster-boy (actually they could be one and the same here in Spain). So what is a girl to do?

Should I be sowing my oats and going through every kind of man I can imagine (no comments from those who think I already have ok?) until I find the one that clicks, should I stop dreaming or maybe I should stop at a red-light for a minute, take a long hard look at the cars passing by and put an end to this promiscuous phase of mine (9 years can still be classed a phase, right?!)

But do you think it’s really possibly to just be able to settle for one person? I mean we change our clothes often – we have too – our idea of what looks good varies from one week to the next. Just three weeks ago I was loafing around in silver flip-flops with the cutest little stones imbedded in them but when I looked at them sitting in my wardrobe this morning I thought of them as looking kind of ugly and a little worn.

Can’t the same be said for men? After the novelty of the new wears off, surely we can treat them like last seasons Chloe handbag and upgrade to the new. Or should I really be looking to invest in the male version of the LBD. One of those classics that we take out and rematch or reaccessorise and keep on wearing. Divinely cut and suitable for all occasions?

I guess my problem is, I never did find a LBD that withstood the time of fashion.




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13 10 2008

Investment is always good. It makes you feel a lot better. Even if there is some sacrifices.
And that’s my personal opinion more then some line.

I guess it’s a personal choice about whether we carry on looking for that perfect person/or LBD, or change the idea of what that LBD looks like.
(Thats some line, my personal opinion, “I don’t suit LBD’s” ;D ha)

13 10 2008

hey ya, oh thanks.

i like that spanish grammar mistake haha.

I see it this way. Every man has a “best-before-date”. Harsh but true. It’s kind of him to try and do that, but something says to me you’re not looking for someone to say it’s ok to be different. I don’t know who you are and how you are as a person but do you ever get sick of the old “it’s ok to be different, tell me your thoughts, i’ll understand” then when people don’t you are the coldhearted bitch?
I think that being “different” “normal” whatever anyone wants to call it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s crazy, some people don’t know it, some people do and handle it. But the societys idea of passion = different, is sad. I say f”k them.
Sorry I’m totally rambling on here!!

14 10 2008

One of the things I want more than anything is to find that one girl I can spend the rest of my life with. At the same time, though, somewhere along the way I developed these very high standards. Given the fact that I am only an average catch myself it makes it a little more difficult.

14 10 2008

I totally get it….I have also asked myself these questions lately…it seems like different people give you different things so why is that not the same in relationships? I mean I have two people in my life lately that give me totally different things. One gives me stability, safety, normalcy, and I know he truly loves me…The other, well the other makes my blood boil, makes my heart skip a beat, makes me mad, sad, and excited. So which do you go for? How can one person be everything to another? And how do you know which one is the right one? Im sure we will figure it all out eventually in the mean time I guess I will just go along for the ride!

20 10 2008
Duma Key

Questions as such I have thought at times in my life. Though being an image its easy to swap and change, fit with what fits. Normally I start something after a few days become board and move on. Though I think changing faces, trading one for another stops any involvment….kind of like moving from place to place, time to time, life to life…You never really have to be yourself doing this.
I dont know the answers to the one person thing, But I know you cant keep running as I am finding out myself.
From your blogs, your comments what I can say is that when you stop running, when you reach that point the one that holds you will hold much, your depth and drive, though you see it not the beauty is apparent in your words, your thoughts.

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