Dead-End Search.

14 10 2008

Three strips of bars later, the local newspapers and a few random phone calls I am still jobless.

I met up with my friend along the way, who I have to admit put all her efforts into helping me. Have to admit it was more than appreciated, even the job search was redundant having someone trek around the bars/restaurants with you sure makes it easier. She even went and bought some drink and invited me round for a girl’s night at hers tonight, which I am looking forward too just to take my mind off things if nothing else.

Another friend of mine, one who shared the up’s and down’s with me when I first ventured out here has also been cheering me up with a memory fest on Facebook. Even when your depressed looking back on some of the funnier times always manages to bring a smile to your face. I miss her. A lot. More than a lot on fact.

In other news I have been suffering with terrible stomach cramps. Now is not the time to get ill. No siree, though it would figure that it would happen now – I’m way past thinking luck has something good in store for me.




2 responses

14 10 2008

Have to admit, I thought your first line read “three strip bars later.”

It does always feel like all things go bad at once. Sods law really. Best thing to do is not let it get you down.
All the things that you are doing to keep your spirits high are the things you should carry on doing at this time and keeping in good company. Like they say a problem shared is a problem halved.

How long have you been actively looking for work? If your still in your first few days then I wouldn’t worry yet.
Like I mentioned in my comment on my blog, in the kind of cities/towns were we live work will can come available at any time, you just have to make sure you out looking for it to spot it.

And I hope some good luck comes your way sooner rather then later.

20 10 2008
Duma Key

No luck on the job front? I am having the opposite problem cant find anyone to replace the light, with no manger in place I am killing myself working both the pub and my job! Though I fly to Spain soon for some space.
Its hard pushing and searching, but a bright person like you should have no trouble. Have you thought of other avenues?

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