Pointless Games and Addictive Chat – www.playandwin.co.uk

16 10 2008

The hippy man asked me to go over and lock lips with him over a bottle of pink champagne, but I declined.   Very unusual for me to turn down an offer of drinking something that has bubbles in but I was feeling pretty low and wanted nobodies company but my own.


I spent the night surfing the night … but avoiding my blog … and ended up at www.playandwin.co.uk frustrating myself by playing a card game called Egyptian Pyramids which is incredibly pointless but a little bit addictive.


While I was playing I had one eye on the chat box that flows down the right hand side of the screen and I ended up getting a little bit enthralled by the drama that seemed to be going on in this little game chat room.


It seems that nowadays people don’t talk to their ‘boyfriends’ until they come into live chat.  One woman was SHOUTING into the room that her boyfriends ex had her way, they are separating.  She was also asking the rest of the room to go over and look at her profile, seems the ex was writing (death non the less) threats on her guestbook.   Scary stuff being cyber-stalked.   It left me wondering if she had ever even met her ‘boyfriend’ except for in the confines of a live chat box.


Next up came a young boy abusing the rest of the chatters for swearing (found it quite amusing myself … I mean all he was doing was sharing the advice his Mum probably gives him everyday) but it seemed that his whole family was in there and by family I mean new-age family as in Mum, Dad, Step-Mum, sister, half brother all very dignified and a little bit strange. Why would you invite your husband’s ex-wife to play Egyptian Pyramids? I can just imagine the conversations when swapping children from one house to the next:


SM: ‘Hi, the kids have been great, we spent the weekend playing Egyptian Pyramids’


M: Egyptian Pyraminds? Sounds Great.  Err What the hell is it?


SM: It’s this completely pointless and silly little game on www.playandwin.co.uk – FANBLOODYTASTIC!


M: Oh fabulous sounds amazing.  I must join, see you there!


Come on, you know you can picture it.  




4 responses

17 10 2008

I think that I still have just enough will power to resist http://www.playandwin, if I do not actually look at it. :O)

No lips? No bubbly? Sounds sad. I bet things will get better soon.

Modern relationships really are shocking sometimes.

20 10 2008
Duma Key

More and more we step aside the reality of life and trade for the cyber world, funny how easily we talk online to strangers we do not know, how we build up a world a life online, that in real time we do not do. The idea that we could sit and pour out our whole life online, to some stranger yet sit beside them next day and not even talk….people are strange.
I know that feeling well of needing only yourself, your space to wallow away, hidden from the world, safe. So many times do I do this myself.
Strange how I have been wondering about your blog….online worlds I guess!

20 10 2008

I am going to try that site. Hopefully with a little luck someone will call me there older cousin and stepmom.

27 10 2008
Shelly Ainsworth

Egyptian pyramids sounds great – thanks for the link!

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