14 01 2009

I am a rainbow.

Ever disappearing, every colourful, ever elusive. I have no beginning for you to find or an end where you can find that much-wanted pot of gold. Instead I glow only when the weather changes and for a moment I am bright then I fade until its time again for me to show the vibrancy of my colours.

We are all rainbows, our beginnings do not need to be found as we have no beginnings, while the start was a time it matters not when our present is where we are and our ends cannot be found as they are not yet there, we have no end, our end is simply not yet decided.

I am not completely forgotten, sometimes those I care about deeply forget me, lose me as they walk the twists and turns of the maze that represents their own lives but in which I am not walking with them. Sometimes I make myself become forgotten as I take turns in my own maze that they do not understand and cannot accept. Sometimes I forget myself when the world seems to be in nothing except darkness and my eyes are not yet trained to look through the pitch black of the night.

There are times when I forget through my own laziness or being too busy with other things to clean my windows and mirrors and then I wonder why my view or my reflection of myself becomes murky and unclear. When the view is not pristine I become too involved in my own doubt to step back and realise that all I need to do is simply take a cloth and clean what I have forgotten to so then my view is clear again.

I am not an ogre that lives under the bridge waiting to pounce on small children or hurt others intentionally, nor am I am Angel flying above with only the need to protect others with no need to look at my own self and see if she needs protecting. My world is not black and white, it has many shades of red and grey and pink and purple, shades that may not be shared in other peoples worlds but are a part of me.

I am not fixed, not cured, nor maybe do I need to be fixed or cured, maybe my own growth is simply slower or faster or in different directions to others.

My choices are both right and wrong. My mistakes are not always mistakes. My lessons are not always learned.

I am a rainbow.




4 responses

14 01 2009

It might be a bit of a conundrum but good to see you writing again. Hope your New Year is going well as not heard much news about you in a while.

14 01 2009

I’ve missed your blogs all this time (even started to worry about you at bit-silly me). Good to see you back.

15 01 2009

great to have you back lou-lou. missed your writing.

5 02 2009
Duma Key

All I can say to this is WOOOOOOW, a well crafted and written blog, depth and clarity previal, your words speak volumes and show pathways beyond.

We are all rainbows in differing ways, all on spectrums in time, different levels, different spaces all heading the same way, just on different roads.

I love your writing and this has to be one of your best. You are a true and pure person, a wisdom and sense so deep many fail to see. It is often the diamonds that see themselfs as coal that shine more pure.

Do not let this slip, do not stop writing your words, I want to see more, read more……………..!

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