I traded my world for a week and it feels so good.

27 01 2009

Sometimes in the middle of things going out of control something amazing happens and brings you more happiness then you ever knew existed.

I met somebody, not just anybody, but something so out of this world that in one week I have deferred my plans. I want to write everything, I want to tell you how for the first time in years I am not questioning. I want to write that I can do this, that I can be this person he makes me feel like I am.

I want to tell you that despite what the world thinks, sometimes you just know.

I want to say all and of that and more, but I don’t have the time right now, because I am too busy off living, and loving every single second of the moment I am in.




5 responses

27 01 2009

I hope your sister didn’t get TOO far to Spain before having to turn around.

28 01 2009

You go girl!!!

28 01 2009

I am happy for you… you deserve this and so much more… write it, feel it, live it… It is funny how if you reflect… you knew it was coming… did you not?

30 01 2009

Speaking of reflection. Our feelings toward others are externalizations of our internal world. In other words we are filled with love and the mind needs some justification for letting it out. Great, let it out! Just have half a thought that it does not really depend upon another person.

5 02 2009
Duma Key

I am glad that you have found a happiness a depth a realisation of you. Though these times are mysterious, the days unknow, hold on to that refraction of light and hold on to you.
Keep up your writting…I love the skill and depth of your posts, you hold something there.

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