Running Girl

19 05 2009

As I once again am borrowing a spare room containing everything I own in the world, 7 hrs away from where until a week ago my whole life was. I realise I will always have that flight instinct.



3 responses

19 05 2009

interesting 🙂

21 05 2009

Flight instinct is not always bad. It is also the one thing that tells us to get out of a situation/place before our minds can really comprehend why we have to leave. I run away much less these days, mostly because I ran so much before. But I’ve also realised with the years that the flight instinct which I hated so much also saved me a lot of times. People say it’s hard to be the one that’s left behind but I think it’s harder being the one that leaves -anything at all.
As they say in the Shawshank Redemption “Some birds were never ment to be caged”.

28 05 2009
Duma Key

The feelings you speak off I know so well. As the world spins on….to run…the joy…to escape. I always seem to be running, yet no mater how far I run I simply seem to end up back in the same place. The people change, the world change but the destination is the same.

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