And sometimes…

17 11 2009

the words just don’t come at all.




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18 11 2009

Hello Lou Lou,

Nice to see you again. I could not watch the video as it would take about half an hour for me to download, but I have a feeling that it is better that way.

What’s going on?

20 11 2009
Duma Key

Nice to see you blog again, though I could not watch the video…some rules about copyright etc lol! more rules more regulation and ermmm what happened to freedom!!!
Hope you are ok, and the world spins in your way sweet flower of the darkness, that grows despite of light! The wilderness calls back the children of the past, holds and grips….but you can break free of this…. cut the chains and find your way! My thoughts lay with you

20 11 2009
Duma Key

ps…. dont stop blogging, you have a real talent with words… use it!!!!

30 11 2009
Duma Key

I call again……! Missing your words and thoughts when ever I come here you seem to echo my mind.
I can only hope that things are going well for you, I hope to see a post from you, and the words you seek fall back upon the ground you walk, to seed with hope.

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