Missing Words

24 01 2011

Where did my words go?

Sometimes I sit here looking at a blank page and will the words that used to come so easily to dance upon the white background and provide me with some salvation from the craziness of my reality.

But they don’t come. I want so much to tell you the truth, to tell you how I have self destructed in such a big way that even my blog friends, who always have a positive and warm thought for me could not justify my actions.

I had it all … everything that other people dream about, but I threw it away, rejected it and then destroyed the giver simply because I can’t function in the real world like other people – I need to be shackled, locked up in a mental hospital where they can keep me from poisoning the world that surrounds me.

I’ve walked so many lonely roads, battled the wilderness but still I do not learn my lessons, still I hurt and destroy, still my words come so harsh in a world so gentle.

I am here … all the time I am here …