Lou-Lou’s 101

1) I really do not know if I possess the patience to write 101 things about myself, but I am willing to give it a go.

2) I’m English, but I no longer live in the UK – I headed out to Spain with a suitcase and 800 euros in 2007. I’ve been here ever since…

3) Though that does not mean I will stay here – I am open to suggestions on what to do or where to go next.

4) I have been working as a waitress, possibly the worst job in the world, but it kept me living in the sunshine though as of now (October 2008) I am unemployed and feeling very unsure as to what is going to happen to me next.

5) I have a habit of telling people I am an out of work actress, after meeting a real actor once who bore the brunt of a friend of mines jokes – sounds so much better than ‘just’ being a waitress. In reality I have never ventured anywhere close to the acting or celebrity world.

6) Though I was once in the audience of ‘Surprise Surprise’

7) I’m not very good at hiding my moods, and can be incredibly difficult to be around.

8) If I care about someone, I care forever, even if I don’t always show it.

9) I love Lemon Meringue.

10) I have not watched TV in a year, and no I do not miss it.

11) I do sometimes watch a movie, but you can count the ones I have watched on two hands in the last year.

12) I am trying to master the Spanish language, but I am not going to lie to you, I find it incredibly difficult, I don’t have a natural flair for languages.

13) I would love to learn how to play the guitar. I am thinking of starting to learn this winter.

14) Christians both scare and trouble me, normally because they pass judgement so quickly. But lately I have been exploring my beliefs with the help of a wonderful ‘Christian’ blog friend of mine.

15) If I were to follow a religion it would be Buddhism.

16) If I had to name things I miss about the UK the list would go something like my family, Savoury snacks, McDonalds Milkshake (can’t get them here!) and my friends – in that order.

17) I have a love/hate relationship with my real parents. Though the parents I lived with for a long time, are truly nothing short of amazing.

18) One of my sisters is my all time hero, she is everything I want to be and more.

19) If I am not on the internet I am reading, I will read anything from a ten thousand page history novel to the Chronicles of Narnia.

20) I am currently 27. I think that means I am in my late twenties, which is a scary thought.

21) My greatest wish and one which I have carried with me since I was a teenager is to just fall in love with the moment I am in. I am still chasing that dream.

22) I am exploring hypnotherapy as a way to help me with my mood swings, I am not sure if it working but I feel better knowing I am trying to do something to help myself.

23) I am incredibly lazy and find it hard to get motivated. My house is always in need of a clean and I probably sleep too much, but in my defence I have spent a lot of time working odd hours.

24) I love the beach.

25) My idol is the most elegant women in the world Audrey Hepburn, but my own style is more hit and miss. Even when trying to be elegant I tend to throw something quite boho in. it’s just who I am.

26) I’de love to be a hippy but I am just not calm enough.

27) I have never hit the one-year mark in a relationship, I often wonder if I am just not made that way.

28) Despite all my single girl toughness, I do often think it would be nice to meet someone who truly makes me melt. Sadly for me, I am either looking in the wrong places or there isn’t anyone out there for me.

29) I have black eyes. They are hard looking and not at all friendly.

30) Sometimes I think I am the most beautiful woman in the world, I walk tall, head high, shoulders back. Over times I feel like the ugliest woman in the world and do everything I can to make myself be invisible.

31) It’s only been in the last few months that I have stopped calling myself a ‘girl’ and started labelling myself as a ‘woman’ I am wondering if there is something deeper in this.

32) I am hypersensitive and do not take any form of criticism well. People often comment that ‘you can’t say anything to me without me going off the deep end’ which is sadly true.

33) Nobody can dislike me as much as I have disliked myself in my lifetime. Fact.

34) I have an addictive personality and tend to take everything to the extreme, but just as quickly move on to the next extreme.

35) I have a self-destruct button, that I push often.

36) My alcohol intake is almost three quarters less than it was last year.

37) My favourite social times are not clubbing, I have been there, done that and danced around the world. But even now when I look back I realise my best moments were the ones where conversation were flowing.

38) My favourite date would be a midnight picnic with champagne on the beach or in a park away from everyone and everything. Not very original but beautiful all the same.

39) I am a poca loca drunk. Sometimes good, often very bad.

40) The best friends I have are the ones in whom I never expected to find friendship.

41) Music is my passion, I do not prejudice against what I listen too.

42) Rascall Flats ‘I’m moving on’ was one of my leaving the UK songs.

43) I am an original member of the ‘midnight club’ a small selective group of after working drinking buddies. I doubt very much if the other members know quite how highly I value their friendship/completely insane senses of humour.

44) My version of true love is said perfectly in the lyrics to Sinead Lohans ‘Your in My Love’

45) I am learning to meditate, even if I don’t master it my apartment always smells of incense, so that’s a good thing anyway.

46) I used to have a fabulous shoe collection, I miss it. Probably more than I miss most of my old friends.

47) I secretly agree with my friend Pinka’s theory that all women should wear heels all of the time, but I don’t let him know I agree. Nor do I adhere to this rule, sometimes heels are just not comfortable (from the mouth of a waitress!)

48) If I were a lesbian I would be a lip-stick lesbian. I can never understand why women who say they fancy women, end up dating women who look like men. I’d take Carmen Electra over Rosie O’Donnell any day!

49) My ideal man would be dark skinned, dark haired and blue eyed. But I am not going to lie and pretend I stick to that preference. I also like hippy type men with pony tails.

50) I have been accused of fancying ‘ugly’ men. Humour is sexy, arrogance is not, maybe that’s why what people class as ugly is very attractive to me.

51) I smoke menthol cigarettes, about 40 a day, and no I don’t want to quit. I quit the UK when they brought in the smoking ban. That’s about as far as my quitting goes.

52) I am nearly half way through 101 things about myself – I hope I haven’t repeated anything.

53) I cannot live without bronzer and mascara.

54) I once had to have a fly surgically removed from my eye after it flew in there and imbedded itself. That’s probably my least admitted to fact.

55) The best orgasms I’ve ever been given were from myself. Sorry guys, but self-presents rule. I love my body and give it more time than you ever will.

56) I talk a lot, normally say the wrong thing, and the beat myself up about it later. I wish someone had an off control for me.

57) Some really bad things have happened to me in my life, and while I don’t talk about them often in the private of my own thoughts I attribute a lot of my unhappiness to these bad times.

58) I like my own company, my perfect life would be one in which I could work away from people. People scare me just as much as they amaze me I just don’t know how to be one of the ‘crowd’. I never quite fit anywhere.

59) I believe in fate and the supernatural but I often wonder if my own fate is to just believe.

60) I once slept in a graveyard, freezing cold and drugged out of my head in a town I didn’t know after a night on drugs bought with by benefit money, it was an incredibly low period of my life and I often wonder just how I managed to let myself fall that low.

61) I’de probably give everything I own to just ‘not be me’ for a day.

62) I’m a secret Country and Western fan.

63) I have been accused by men of being cold. I have also been accused of being fiery, too much, over-opinionated, argumentative, over-bearing, too talkative, too quiet, too independent … so I guess I have been many things to many people.

64) I can be a bit of a chameleon; sadly that’s what happens when you live on the sidelines of life.

65) I don’t think I have ever been in love.

66) I love to write, though I do not have a talent for it I like words and without expressing them my world would be incredibly bleak.

67) When I am depressed I like my own company, comfort food (especially pot noodles) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s playing in my DVD player.

68) I find that I blog most on weekends and I hate the fact that nobody else is really online.

69) I use the word ‘hate’ too much, I say it a lot but I guess if I were to really think about it I don’t actually truly hate that many things/people, if any.

70) In my humble opinion everyone should read a book called ‘Human Moments’ by Dr Edward Hallowell, it brought home things that I knew all along but ungratefully kept forgetting.

71) I’m not much of a friend person – that’s not to say I don’t have any because I do – but I am a much more of a loner.

72) I have a habit of doing tarot card readings for the men in my life but not telling them what they say.

73) I am promiscuous, I have many issues with sex due to something bad in my past and I swing from being over-promiscuous to being the ice queen. I don’t know how to change.

74) Sometimes I crave pain more than I crave affection.

75) I can go from being manic to being melancholy in about two seconds flat and that’s just in life, not in depression.

76) I wish I was normal.

77) I am addicted to Coke. As in the coca-cola variety not the sniffy nostril kind.

78) I really really (notice I am not using the word hate!) Chicken Soup, I mean what is the purpose of it?

79) I do not like people giving or sending me flowers. If I want to look at flowers I want to see them where they are supposed to be. Not after someone has killed them by picking them.

80) At this present moment in time I am scared, I have no job, no money and only have three more weeks in my apartment before I have to find next months rent from nowhere. I cannot seem to find a job and I am probably more frightened than I have ever been in my life.

81) I was born in the year 1981.

82) I have freckles, bundles of them, there is not a space untouched on my body that does not possess a freckle. I don’t mind them at all.

83) I do mind my Greek nose though.

84) My favourite foods are either white (Pasta, Cheese, Potatoes) or smell bad (Onions, Garlic).

85) Since I have lived in Spain I have become a lager drinker – would never have touched the stuff in the UK but for some reason it tastes better here – maybe its like Caviar an acquired taste?

86) I really, really want a job in the bar opposite my apartment, but they have no vacancies. If I could ask for one lucky break right now it would be that they could somehow give me a job.

87) My car is called Chicita. She is very old but much loved.

88) I can’t cook to save my life and the only thing I really attempt is Spag Bol, but I get told I am odd because I put boiled potatoes and peas with it! (… anyway, it tastes good!)

89) I feel like I ‘know’ that I will not live to old age. Its something I have always felt deep down. Sadly, from the way my life is and the things that have happened I can’t say that this is something that makes me sad.

90) If there are 90 ways to hell I have walked them all. But still I keep on trying to reach paradise.

91) I was a 90’s teenager and remember with affection the craziness of it.

92) I dance worse than your gran. No joke. There should be signs in public places that say ‘Lou-Lou is not permitted to dance in this establishment’ not only do I have no rhythm, my arms and legs seem to take on a life of their own.

93) I know a lot of random facts that nobody cares about. In some ways I am quite intelligent, in others I am completely clueless and am often accused of being ‘blonde’.

94) Blonde hair would not suit me. My features are too dark.

95) I feel like this list is going on forever. It has now taken me three weeks of keep coming back to it to get to 95.

96) Is an upside down version of 69. I don’t really like the whole 69 thing, why does everything have to be done at once? Can’t we take turns and chill out a bit while receiving instead of concentrating on giving at the same time?

97) 1997 was the worst year. It was the forgotten year of the forgotten girl and I never want to relive it again.

98) Back to the subject of sex, I’m not really a fan of ‘snogging’ either (while we’re on the subject) I like little kisses, and kisses on my body but full tongue-on-tongue action that goes on for ages can actually leave me a little cold.

99) If I had one wish, I would wish that my hero of a sister would be happy every single day of her life without any pain or hardship and has all her heart desires.

100) I think its bad luck to take my ankle bracelet off.

101) Now I know for sure that I do not have 101 things to say about myself!


3 responses

13 10 2008

Although I’ve never done–and possible will never do–my own 101 list I enjoy commenting on other peoples about myself, here goes…

16) Can you not get milkshakes at McDonalds? Really? I have to admit I do miss McDonalds breakfasts.

Totally not dealt with number 31) myself. Not a man. No way.

77)Pepsi only for me. Only if I’m in desperate and there is no Fanta/7up/Sprite will I drink Coke. It’s horrible.
Also I will never ever drink anything that has Diet in front of it or Zero after it.

78)Purpose of Chicken Soup is to cure all illness. Fact

88)Yeah that’s weird.

14 10 2008

Nope, no Milkshake in McDonalds here, beer yes … milkshake no!!

Got to agree with you on the diet and zero thing – I need full fat coke, always coke, Pepsi only if I am desperate and there isn’t a coke bottle in sight!!

Chicken soup sucks — totally sucks!

16 04 2009
Reanna Pereira


You really have a way with words 🙂
I do not know so much about myself…I always get stuck when I get asked to talk about myself…especially during job interviews.

I enjoyed getting to know u 🙂

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