Duffy – The Welsh Rising Star

13 08 2008

I have to admit that I have somewhat of a lesbian crush on the latest Welsh songbird, admittedly the crush is not really sexual as that’s not my bag but there is something about this 24 year old singer/songwriters voice that physically brings me to a stand still every time I hear it. 


Aimee Duffy, or Duffy as she is known, was one of the singers (along with Adele) who were labelled the ‘New Amy’s’ by Adam Thompson in the Times in December 2007, in reference to Amy Winehouse, and why I agree that both Adele and Amy are fantastically talented singers, I don’t think Duffy should be compared to them. This girl is in a league all of her own. 


Her debut album ‘Rockerferry’ is one of those rare albums to which you can listen to without jumping tracks, the quality of the music this young girl has produced its quite frankly amazing.  She has also been compared to the legend that is Dusty Springfield, but I have the feeling that Duffy herself takes the comparasions with the pinch of salt that they need and has kept a clear head knowing that she has what it takes to stand out there on her own, and stay on top for a long time. 


If you haven’t already heard her, though I would be surprised at this as the fantastic ‘Mercy’ was played everywhere, go and listen to some of her tracks from Rockerferry, among my personal favourites are ‘Stepping Stone’ ‘Breaking my own Heart’ and the latest release ‘Warwick Avenue’


And just for fun, I found the video below on You Tube of her covering the great Solomon Burkes ‘Cry for me’